Q. Why should I take a driver improvement course?
The successful completion of a driver improvement clinic may be used to remove points from your official driving record. Or, you may have been ordered to attend by the DMV or a court of law. You might also attend to receive a discount on your automobile insurance premium. Finally, you might simply want to learn techniques that will make you a more responsible driver and lower your chances of being involved in a collision.
Q. Who is eligible to take a driver improvement clinic?
Anyone can attend a driver improvement clinic. However, to use the course to lower your insurance premium, you must be under the age of 55. You should also verify with your insurance agent that your provider offers this benefit. If you wish to receive official credit for completing an online clinic, you must be 20 years of age or older. It is your responsibility to determine if your court will accept this driver improvement clinic to satisfy a court-required driver improvement clinic. Finally, if you hold a commercial driver's license (CDL), you must attend a course designed specifically for commercial drivers in order to receive official credit.
Q. Does the course cost anything?
Unfortunately, there is a small cost for driver improvement clinics. Tuition includes immediate access to the website and covers the cost of the final exam. Virginia driver improvement clinics are privately operated businesses; regardless of the program you choose, you will need to pay a similar fee. The difference is that our course is low cost convenient, and fun! We also have the friendliest customer service in the industry!
Q. How do I pay for the course?
You can pay for the course by check or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express). After you fill out the registration form, you are linked to a secure page where payment is quick and effortless. The site is encrypted, making your online purchase completely safe.
Q. How do I register for the course?
It's fast and simple! To register online, just complete all the appropriate fields and you can get started right away. You may also register by calling 1-877-552-2912 weekdays from 8AM-Midnight and weekends from 8AM-11PM. We are glad to help!
Q. How long do I have to complete the course?
The course has a required minimum time limit of 8 hours. And, if you have been ordered by the DMV to attend, you must complete your driver improvement clinic requirement within 90 days. Beyond that, the course is designed to allow you to proceed at your own pace. You may do one section after another if you wish, but most of our students read at their leisure — maybe a section or two a day. Fit the course into your busy schedule!
Q. I have already enrolled. How do I get back into the course?
You may re-enter the course via the link on the home page as many times as necessary to complete the program. If you are having problems accessing the course, you may contact us for technical support by calling 1-877-552-2912 weekdays from 8AM-Midnight and weekends from 8AM-11PM or email vacustomersupport@trafficeducation.net.
Q. Can I use someone else's computer or Internet service?
That's one advantage of our Internet course! You can take the course from home, from work, from a friend's house, at your local library, or you can even rent time on the Internet at a copy center or cyber cafe. All you need is any computer with Internet access. You can also start on your own computer and finish on another.
Q. Will I be tested on the material?
The DMV requires Driver Improvement Clinic students to pass a 50-question final exam, with a minimum of 80% (40 questions) correct, in order to receive credit for the course. But don't worry, it's not rocket science or quantum physics. With over 99% of all of our students passing, you'll have nothing to fear! There are even short quizzes at the end of each section to help you to prepare for the final exam.
Q. How long will it take to get my completion certificate?
Notification of your completion will be electronically submitted to the DMV the following business day. The computer at the Test Site will display a screen notifying you that you have passed; you may print this page, but the Test Site may charge you a small fee for doing so. You may also request an official copy of your student completion certificate when you register for the course, with a variety of shipping options available.